09 novembre 2010

Late email to my editor in chief

de: dorothée dupuis
à: xxx
date: 23 octobre 2010 00:56
objet: Re: on its way 

dear X,

well well, i am pretty inspired, hum, i wanted to check with the number of words
you said 1000 word, I am affraid i am on 2000 because this whole story with video is really getting somewhere on a social level, i mean i think it's very important to explain the strong responsabilities of those films and images and i am not getting sensitive about the riots taking place right now in france or may be a little but art is political or not?
we cant keep making biennials and so on bearing such phony titles if we dont wet our shirts a bit, trying to explain why art is really trying to change things and not just being some clever subtitles for uptowners !
(I guess chris sharp didnt tell you I am a dangerous feminist activist, now it's too late :D !!!)
Non, bon, i exagerate, but not that much.
I just read coco fusco's intro of her catalogue "only skin deep" and it's just so right, i cant say anything else.
but i am trying!
the videos i think are quite good, all in their different styles. At least, they very tell you something about right now, and it's already that. So much art keeps it quiet right now, it's like a pupil hidden in the back of the classroom hoping that the teacher wont pick him for review. Some of them are even polemical, at least i hope, i will try to explain why i think there could even exist something polemical in the artworld nowadays, where the last notable scandal is Robert Storr exhibiting only painting in the last venice biennial ! scary huh? if someone even pay attention.
Well dear X, dont take me for a reactionnary, because enthusiasm coupled with fair anger are often nowadays mistaken for that. We dont know each other well, but I thought I owed you some thoughts about this paper i am writing, because it's your newspaper, and i guess you must be happy that your contributors have intellectual exchanges with you on some matters. I hope you're not drop dead stuck in post modernism, where everything is equally pleasurable or painful, and that art still makes you ache, or infuries you, or makes you happy for the day or even longer.
You dont have to answer me a whole bunch.
Just tell me for the 2000 words, i promess i stick to it.
And despite this current scary english, i guess i can give you an english version by sunday, a english friend of mine can help!
Have a nice week end!

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